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Our leadership

The Foundation is managed by an Executive Board supported by a Scientific Advisory Board and a non-executive Research Director.

Executive Board


Ralph van Put, Chairman
Next to his role as the CEO of True Partner Capital, Ralph is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He has been active in finance since the late 80's. He started his career as a quantitative analyst at the Pacific Investment Research Institute. Soon after that he started his own investment fund. Besides Asset Management he set up a trading software development company in 1995. This firm has been providing technology evolving with the market from floor-based solutions to co-located HFT setups. The last 10 years he was the CEO of a market making and proprietary trading firm active in the global financial markets. Besides his position at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he lectures as an Adjunct Professor of Financial Practice at the National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei.

Tobias Hekster MSc
Tobias has been actively trading for the past 14 years in various different roles in several markets across the globe. Starting at IMC in 1998 as a pit trader in Amsterdam, Tobias has established the off-floor arbitrage desk, headed the Chicago office in the transition from floor trading to electronic trading and set up the Asian volatility arbitrage desk in Hong Kong. Next to his role as senior portfolio manager, Tobias is Managing Director at True Partner Education. Tobias teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and at National Taiwan University.

Govert Heijboer PhD MSc
Govert has been active as a market maker trading in the European and Asian derivatives markets as well as positional trading since 2003. Govert started as a trader/researcher at Saen Options in Amsterdam and rose to become the director of derivatives trading and a member of the executive team in 2007. In 2008 he moved to Hong Kong to set up and assume responsibility for all trading activities in the new Saen Options Hong Kong branch office. Govert holds a PhD in Management Science and an MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Twente, Netherlands. He is a founding partner and has worked on the launch of the True Partner Fund since March 2010.

Non-executive Board member

Prof. Dr. Michel H. Vellekoop, Research Director

Professor of Actuarial Science, University of Amsterdam

Michel Vellekoop is a full professor in Actuarial Sciences in the Department of Quantitative Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente and obtained his PhD in 1998 at Imperial College in London for research on non-linear filtering problems for stochastic

processes. Since then, he has focused on applications in mathematical finance, both as assistant and associate professor at the University of Twente and as Research Director for the Derivatives Technology Foundation. His main research interests are valuation and risk management problems for contingent claims in complete as well as incomplete markets, with a focus on optimal stopping problems that arise due to early exercise features.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. J.W. Hans Nieuwenhuis

Associate Professor of Operations, University of Groningen

Hans Nieuwenhuis studied Quantitative Economics at the University of Groningen, graduating in 1971. His thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences examined the duality of the results in mathematical programming. During the 70s, he conducted research into the mathematics of operations research, followed by systems and control theory in the 80s and 90s. In 1998, he became interested in mathematical finance, financial engineering and stochastic processes, working together with Michel Vellekoop on these subjects. He teaches in the Department of Econometrics and the Department of Economics at the University of Groningen.


Past Chairman

Geeske Vlaming, 2010 - 2012

Dr Gabriele Luculli, 2009 - 2010


Past Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Arunabha Bagchi
Head, FElab, University of Twente, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Chair in Stochastic Systems and Signals



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