Financial Trading Lab at the National Taiwan University

The NTU Financial Trading Lab is established in june 2012 to facilitate financial courses and hands-on real time training. Our foundation embraces the trading lab initiative, it is an excellent way to turn theory into practice. Professor P.J. van Put was present at the opening speech, see at the True Partner Capital newspage.

This trading lab matches international standards. Right from the beginning, the consensus is to fully utilize its facility by offering courses both to students and to practitioners. Therefore at the same time, the Securities & Futures Institute of Taiwan and True Partner are offering courses on financial trading to local practitioners.

The trading lab with all facilities for the students to practice in real-time trading simulation.

The trading lab has a capacity of 52 students and is located at the second floor of the Instruction and Research Center of College of Management of National Taiwan University. The hardware includes professional trading tables, 2 projectors, 104 monitors, 52 computers, and 5 servers. Trading software includes T8 Typhoon Trader (T8 Software Consulting Ltd.), CQG, and RTS Tango. The real time information systems used are from Reuters and Bloomberg.

Sharing knowledge

Two Executive Board members of The Derivatives Technology Foundation organized a "High Frequency Trading" workshop for more than 60 participants. This was a collaboration between True Partner and the SFI. The Boardmembers are actively involved in fostering seats in the trading lab for the foundation. They are professor at the NTU also.

An intensive workshop with more than 60 participants, rated with a valuation of 4.5 out of 5 points.




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