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Financial Trading Lab at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Faculty of Business Administration (Business Faculty) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has established a world-class finance trading laboratory regarded by the finance industry as the best of its kind on a university campus.

At the Lab, students will be led by professional traders in class. They can experience how the financial market changes rapidly and be fast to analyze the situation for clients. The project helps students to bridge theory and practice. Given the enormous potential and demand in the Chinese and Asian Pacific markets, good talented traders, risk managers and compliance officers are needed to bridge the gap and sustain this huge growth.

The Participants

Working with a clear syllabus and according professional trading software makes the experience of being connected to the real world trade.

The system tools CUHK students are being trained up on in the Lab, are precisely the ones they will be using in the real world, thereby saving these organizations a lot of time and money. It would normally take a company six months to get students up to speed. At the Trading Lab it can be achieved in two semesters by using Professional (Typhoon) Trader software like in the real world. So if you leave the Trading Lab sucessfully, you can be hired by a trading company immediately.

The students being trained inside the Lab are working in simulated situations – they are using real market data but none of their trades actually reach the exchanges. Of course the trades don’t go to the exchanges but it looks like it does. It doesn’t go to the exchanges but you are trading real prices.

Partners and courses

On of the partners are The Hong Kong Securities Institute. The institute offers a comprehensive programme of high quality professional training, events and internationally recognised examinations.

True Partner Education True Partner Education gives (joint) courses at the Financial Trading Lab of CUHK. Their statement: Sharing Know How and experience is the best way to help the next generation of participants in the financial markets. True Partner Education is specialized in training and education in the Asia Pacific region and China.  


The Participants

Students passed the TPE Summer Trading Course successfully.



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