Research internships


In-house supervision

All internships are research placements. Supporting interns in their projects are the in-house quant (quantitative research) team, and the Research Director of the Foundation, Professor Michel Vellekoop, who is a full professor at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Prof. Vellekoop is on hand to provide supervision and you will also have regular contact with an office full of senior traders and other professionals who are all educated to a minimum of Master level.

Close supervision during your internship, plus frequent liaison between the Foundation, True Partner and your university tutor, means you have the best possible opportunities for your academic qualifications and your professional career.

Financial support

Interns are helped with their internships financially, and arrangements usually consist of a fixed allowance of 500 Euros per month, with students also being able to reclaim additional travel expenses.

All internships are usually based in Amsterdam, where it is also possible to get help with housing or accommodation if required.



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